Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reindeer Feed Buckets tutorial and a Freebie!

So all my homework is turned in to school and now all that I have left is finals I have time to make my blog something great! In honor of Christmas I would love to show all of my past and present all time favorite Christmas Gifts! This first one is from my old blog but I give it every year so I thought that I would share with you as well! I have also updated my gift tag and in honor of my return would love to offer it to you! Just leave me your email address in the comments and I will send it your way!

Now it is your turn to make them! Here is what you need:

First you are going to need a bucket or you can use a cute little gift box. I got my bucket at Target when their Halloween stuff went for 75% off that is why it is orange. Then you are going to need Holiday paper of your choosing Mod Podge which comes in different finishes I chose to use the matte-mat finish
Then you need a sponge brush
And Ribbon to embellish with

The first step is to deiced on the right size of paper. There is an easy trick that I do to achieve perfect sizing. To do this is I put one edge of the paper at the top and make a crease in the paper by bending it at the bottom and then I have a perfect piece of paper to cut.

Cut 2 pieces to size Glue the bucket with your mod podge and sponge brush; then glue the back of the paper and put it on

Before you place on your next sheet of paper place it on there to see where you are going to need your thin strips to hide the orange
Cut a strip to cover the open spot and decoupage the strip on the bucket.

Decoupage all the remaining pieces on

Once you are finished you need to seal it with the mod podge so paint the out side with glue Once it is dry you are ready to embellish, I like to embellish the handles with ribbon, and then the bucket with ribbon on this bucket I tied ribbon on the handle.

When the bucket is done you are ready to fill the inside with feed. To do this fill an Ziploc baggie with Oats and edible glitter or Christmas sprinkles. To make the top less ziplocey(A new word I just invented) before sealing twist and take a clear rubber band and seal it off cut off the Ziploc part tie a ribbon around it an you have a cute bag filled with reindeer feed to give to friends and family!!!

Don't forget to add a cute tag with the reindeer feed poem that you can find at craftbits, and you are done! Also if you would like this tag leave me a comment with your name and email and I will send one your way!


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  1. These turned out cute! I bet kids just love them!

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