Monday, August 30, 2010

Itty bitty baby booties!

So this weekend was crazy! I got to babysit my little munchkins {niece and nephew} which monkey just loved to play with. Then on Sunday L Tom Perry came to talk to our stake! So much fun. In my off time I was able to squeeze in some baby booties, I think they came out so cute! I am going to send them to my cousin who just had a baby along with the outfit I think that it is just adorable!

This is the book that I got the pattern out of and I totally recommend it for beginners. I taught myself to crochet 3 months ago and this book is the easiest to read. I found it at Micheal's but online I have seen it for as little as 4.oo

If your not interested in buying the book there are a ton of online patterns for free! The next pattern that I think that I am going to try out is at New thing crochet. She has the cutest little Mary Jane's. I will let you know how it goes.

One last thing, so me and the hubby where driving the other day when we came across this cloud. I saw a duck on it's back, the hubby saw goofy what do you see?

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