Monday, August 23, 2010


I think that cupcakes are stinking adorable! So when monkey (aka the 4yr old) ask to make some how could I say no? So the first thing we did was arm ourselves with the tools needed a cake mix, frosting, and a ton of candy and sprinkles. I am quite proud of us all the items we used are from my stash. I do not eat sugar anymore so there was a ton of it!
We used star burst to make butterfly's, hearts and little baby chicks.
This was super easy you push down on the star burst until it is like play dough and then shape to your hearts content!

We used gum drops to make bees, and on top of the cupcakes and then we used a ton of sprinkles. I even made a Christmas one!

With the sprinkles we made Tye dye ones. This is super easy and looks so neat. You mix different sprinkles together and then dip. {You do the same things for the sides} We had so much fun! This was good practice for the cake I need to make on Thursday. So excited!

What do you think?

We also in honor of my niece coming into town made mini cupcakes so that monkey and her may have a tea party!
What are you favorite things to decorate?

Until tomorrow!

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