Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flash Back Tuesday: Is it time to start thinking about Christmas? ...Yes!

This is a post from my old blog the Crafty Homemaker. It is about this time every year that my attention turns to Christmas, this is one of the ways I organize my Christmas every year. Enjoy a good flash back! {I have included updates in red}

Ok I know what you are thinking its not even October yet, but there is a reason to my madness. I really like the idea of a homemade Christmas, and although it almost always equals sleepless nights, there is a since of pride that your creativity, produced joy. This is not just for creating gifts, but also organizing so that you (or I ) don’t get overwhelmed, this is really a big key to a joyous Christmas.

So yesterday I showed a picture of a notebook when I make this notebook my family knows it time to think about what we need to do for Christmas. On the side there are four tabs labeled; Black Friday, Family, Friends, Other. {On the inside cover there is a single piece of tape making it a memo pad that I can write on with dry erase maker or washable markers for fast little notes}

The Black Friday tab is for as you guest it all the non home-made things, and supplies you will need for the homemade things. I usually price match at Wal-Mart so I leave a section for things I can get there, but more on that another time.

The family and friends tabs are so you can keep track of ideas of things that would be perfect for that family member or friend. {This year I got fancy and put it on my computer, in my note book this year is just list that way if it gets in the wrong hands they will not know what they are getting}
The other tab is for anything you would like, I keep list of maybe ideas of things I would like to make, movies we do not own but would like to, things that I see that I would want ( my family asks for lists), Christmas card list ect… {This is also where I make my Christmas Party plans}

You can also add as many tabs as you would like, ( for example Christmas Parties, to do list, calendar ect…)
I am always trying to make Christmas less stress full so I would love to hear your tips, and crafts and so on.

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